Mo-Flava's jalopee still missing!


Some said they saw the black Golf 6 GTI hatchback in Alexandra, in Durban and in other places.

Mo Flava, whose real name is Moeti Tsiki, was stressing about his stolen car on Saturday as the winner of the MTV Base VJ Search, Nomuzi Mabena, was being toasted at club Taboo in Sandton. Tsiki was the MC at the event.

Earlier in the day, his car was stolen from the club’s parking lot.

One Twitter user found the humour in Tsiki’s predicament when she cheekily tweeted: “But, apparently people in Alex don’t steal the actual car, they steal the wheels only. So, Mo Flava can relax.”

But Tsiki is on tenterhooks.

“I have lost my MacBook Pro, my iPhone, my wallet including credit cards and cash as well as clothes worth R3,000,” he said.

CCTV footage from the club’s parking lot showed the car driving out at about 3pm with an unidentified man behind the wheel, who helped himself to Tsiki’s wallet to pay for the parking ticket, the DJ said.

Tsiki reported the theft at the Sandton police station.

He was due to perform at the afterparty at the club later on as well as a party hosted by Kenny Kunene, but could not as all his CDs were in the stolen car.

Meanwhile, Kenny Kunene has released a house compilation called Joburg-Cape Town.

I never saw this one coming from businessman, club owner and reality show star Kenny Kunene, who never ceases to amaze. Capitalising on the dominance of kwaai-house music, Kunene, a former deejay, has decided to do a house compilation.

This club mix album called ZAR Sushi Mix (how original) is a double disc featuring some of the local artists such as Infinite Boys, Bekzin Terris, DJ Kent, Big Nuz and L’vovo. It also features the song Amathousand, where Kunene is weak on vocals.

Standout tracks are Tlanga (a tribal beats and soulful Shangaan vocals), Amathousand featuring Durban kwaito heavyweights L’vovo, Big Nuz and the sushi man himself.

It is a typical kwaito track about money, women and expensive cars. My favourite track is Tell Me by DJ Kent. This club hit has all the elements to dance along to.


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