Mzansi stars to party a storm thanks to Whitley Neill’s Gin

Yes, more than often our ‘celebs or influencers’ are disregarded in many stances and the London Gin has offered to come on board to show their appreciation in the best way they know- by throwing parties to deserving stars.

This will be executed in the form of monthly fetes’ beginning from March 2020- titled ‘Whitley Neill Celebrate Parties’.

The objective: to positively change the narrative as a series of soirées celebrating talent, achievement through passion, patience, activation of goals, persistence, hard or smart work, and manoeuvring.

The intention is to add to efforts directed at paying tribute to those that get, among other things, society entertained, talking, stimulated and reflecting on itself. First to be under the spotlight are personalities, performers, artists, and entertainers.

“When the suggestion or a request was put to us to sponsor the Celebrate Parties we saw the sense in celebrating entertainers, personalities, performers and artists in life because many make a subtle or pronounced impact in many people’s lives. We thought we should start small and do per-invite only celebrations as a pilot.

However, the public is welcome to celebrate the person through social media postings and comments on our pages. Interested parties are also invited to suggest those that they feel should be celebrated, and an effort will be made to reach out to them. Because it was important to start, one or two individuals have been identified to kick-off the celebrations, they will be the first in line to be feted,” says Victor Selaelo Whitley Neill’s marketing manager.

Whitley Neill is part of Halewood International that also distribute RedSquare.

Fans may win an exclusive invite to get up-close and personal, mingle and celebrate with the host.

The first Whitley Neill Celebrate Parties is scheduled for 14 March 2020 at a secret location in Gauteng.

The name of the celebrant will be announced at a later stage.

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