Natalie Du Toit showered with Captiva!

Yes, we’re referring to 2012 Paralympic Gold’s swimming sensation  Natalie Du Toit, who upon her return from the gathering of the stars, was welcomed with the latest Chevrolet Captiva from General Motors SA.

Beffiting for her stunning role she has played both locally and internationally, Du Toit who declared she would no longer be active in competitive swimming, will be missed, loved and celebrated by all and  sundry within the sporting fraternity.

Handing over the keys, Cheverolet Brand Manager Tim Hendon says,  Natalie is very much in demand as a motivational speaker.

“Natalie has been a Chevrolet brand ambassador for a number of years now and we are excited to be able to continue this relationship with her as she moves on from her medal winning success in swimming competition to a new era in her career as a world class athlete,” he says.

He continued:” In the wake of her success in the 2012 Paralympic Games and adding the excitement to an iconic automotive brand in South Africa which we trust will transport her in style as a South African and international sports celebrity,”says Hendon.

The Captiva will resemble Gold in colour, which depicts Natalie’s performance at the 2012 Paralympic Games.

She said, I’m excited for extending my relationship with GMSA having started years’ ago.   

“This goes to show how committed GMSA is to supporting athletes who do good. As for me, I’m still surprised they’ll still back me up although I‘ve mentioned would no longer be involved in competitive or international swimming.”

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