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New cafe brings out the chic and exuberance!

The Grand Café open to the public is perched inside the multibillion rand mall in Aspen Hill, Johannesburg.

New cafe brings out the chic and exuberance!
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Super chic. The latest Grand Café at the Mall of the South.

Founded by the owners Life Grand Group, it has cafés at strategic points Hyde Park Corner in Johannesburg, The Club in Waterkloof, Pretoria and Waterfall Corner in Midrand.

“We’ve always been very selective in terms of location when opening a Life Grand Café”, explains LIFE CEO, Maira Koutsoudakis.

“The Mall of the South offers a great opportunity in that the area is primed for a development like this and Aspen Hills with it’s beautiful greenery provides a stunning backdrop for what we hope will become a home away from home for local residents”.

The Mall of Africa is due to open in 2016, whereas the café has opened for business already.

Grand Café at the Mall has elegantly draped festoon lights and a multitude of verdant planters in the spacious outside seating area ensures that guests will be transported to a relaxed, more temperate environment where they can enjoy the ‘soul food’ and delectable, expertly crafted cocktails that the café is known for.

Guests can expect qurest22ality, as well as a signature, well-stocked wine room with some of the best vintages available in South Africa.

Yes, this sounds grand

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