New traffic college for NW!

Maloyi was speaking during the official launching of the North West Traffic College in Mahikeng.

The departmental MEC said the province has been recruiting new traffic officers through learnership programme and they became subjected  to learning institutions outside the province for learning purposes and that on its own has been very costly for the Provincial Government.

“We therefore remain certain that with this college we are going to save cost and increase the recruitment of traffic officers expeditiously,” said Maloyi.

The college is expected to offer traffic officers’ diploma, examiners of vehicles, examiners of driving licenses and inspector of driving licence testing centre courses.

During the academic period, students will learn theory and practical work and they will further be certified to use breathalysers, firearms and speed timing machines upon completion of the course.   

“We are very confident that upon completion of the course from this college students will remain competent, well trained and ready to serve our province with pride and human dignity,” said Maloyi.

 “We shall have successfully dealt with the shortage of examiners officers in the province which is currently creating a serious challenge of overcrowding at various testing centres because of the very few examiners we have and this can only be attained by the existence of this college,” he concluded.

The institution will further provide refresher courses to the current serving traffic officers particularly on amended and newly enacted laws which affect their daily operations.



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