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New vanguard takes over CAF as Hayatou’s cookie crumbles!

CONFEDERATION of African Football (Caf) has a new president in the form of Ahmad Ahmad, the president of the Madagascar Football Association.

New vanguard takes over CAF as Hayatou’s cookie crumbles!

He dethroned the 29 year long serving football guru Issa Hayatou.

New vanguard. The newly elected CAF pres Ahmed Ahmed dethroned long serving Issa Hayatou on Thursday’s elections in Ethiopia-CAF’s head-quarters.

Hayatou, a former teacher and sports minister from Cameroon who was first elected as the Caf president in 1988 and became a member of the Fifa executive committee two years later, lost decisively in the vote at Caf’s congress in Addis Ababa, 34-20.

Ahmad will replace him on Fifa’s governing council, so the election signals the departure of another long-term fixture from world football’s governing body’s executive committee, one which overlapped with the 17-year presidency of Sepp Blatter.

But as expected Hayatou, did not take it lightly by attacking the FIFA president Gianni Infantino, for allegedly being behind his demise.

When Infantino came to South Africa earlier this year, he met other African football organizations heads with the exception of Hayatou, and this is were the matter unfolded.

With a little knowledge on football such tantrums are bound to surface.

Hayatou, a member of FIFA’s top brass since 1990, appeared to be the latest of the old guard removed by a desire for change sweeping through soccer since FIFA’s corruption scandal two years ago.

Meanwhile, a South African Danny Jordaan –SAFA president has been elected in the CAF’s Executive Committee.

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