NFVF funds released after a frustrating period!

This was confirmed by the agency this week.

Although no clarity was given on the delay of the funds from the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) whose NFVF is the agency, some film makers were left no choice but to pull plug. 

Known as Quarter 3 funding, all projects approved is available on the NFVF website under Funding Cycle.

Zama Mkosi, CE at the agency announced that despite the funding delays NFVF has met and exceeded its funding targets for 2014/2015 financial year.

In terms of it’s 2014/15 Annual Performance Plan, the NFVF committed to the following:

* Development funding – A target of 31 projects in documentary and fiction: 34 projects were supported,

* Production funding – A target of 25 projects in documentaries and fiction: 30 projects were supported and

* Bursaries – 61:61 local and international bursaries were allocated.

Also the Quarter 4 is calling applications for funding only in the following areas;

2x Development of TV Formats@ R200 000 each;
2x Documentary of Archive @ R250 000 each;
9x DVD Distribution Film Marketing support @ R180 000 each;
1x Festival Funding @ R350 000

It also encourages those interested in the DVD Distribution and developing new TV formats to apply for funding.

All interested applicants for the above funding areas are invited to apply; and forms are available on website: www.nfvf.org.za

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