Jozi@Work programme is hard at work creating viable jobs!

To date, over R1bn work-package contracts was launched last year to create opportunities for communities to partner with the City in the delivery of municipal services in their own neighbourhoods.

Mayoral Spokesperson Phindile Chauke says, the City has been finalizing contracts for Capability Support Agents (CSA), who are tasked with training and mentoring community-based entities to ensure that they become sustainable businesses.

“These agents are very important as they link the community with the City.”

The programme sees participating community members’ outlook transformed from that of being job seekers to job creators as they will be compensated for the work done as cooperatives or other community based companies.

“Once a small enterprise is contracted, then the relevant CSA comes on board in the role of supervising contractor. So we had to ensure that we accredit the right CSA. By end of January, we will have finalised contracts for these CSAs and will be ready to roll-out in February,” says Chauke.

Pennyville is a mixed housing development close to the New Canada Train Station in southwestern Joburg, and residents were overwhelmed by the programme and its contents.

A relief was that no ‘red-tapes’ would be implemented, as other organizations would effect such measures but stringent controls would be in place.

Chauke says that although the City has simplified procurement processes and lowered the red tape, standards have not been lowered and community enterprises must still register as legal entities.

“The City must still adequately account for all its expenses and procurement processes. This is why there is a network of CSAs to provide technical and development assistance.”

Some of the work to be contracted to local entrepreneurs includes packages in the energy, water and waste sectors, greening services, maintenance and agriculture as well as waste collection and recycling.

COJ will- after registering of co-operatives on the database and training- it is then they will offer job opportunities.

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