North West Province prepares to host Tourism Month celebrations!


Nothing beats South African sunshine and the places you can see throughout Mzansi are limitless. But it’s not just about the carpe diem attitude that knowing a coveted destination is a stone’s throw away, it’s the fact that going to see or visit local destinations enables tourism to inject resources back into the economy.

The tourism department states that “South Africa’s tourism sector is emerging as one of the most important pillars of the country’s economy in terms of growth and competition with other emerging economies of the world.”

They then go to add that “this industry contributes significantly towards the creation of employment, growing the economy and developing entrepreneurs. It presents opportunities for self-employment, contributing to rural and urban development and foreign exchange earnings.”

Leading up to September, the Tourism Department will host various events and discussions culminating with an official launch of Tourism Month in North West.

The official Tourism Month national programme will be launched by the Minister of Tourism Marthinus Van Schalkwyk, leading to month long domestic tourism campaign activation by all provinces.

This year’s theme is “Water and Tourism, Protecting our common future”.

Let’s see what the province of ‘Bokone Bophirima’ has to offer and what new products have been identified to help increase the dwindling number of tourists in the province and improve economic benefits to its citizens.


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