Parks not for 'rich whites'

This follows blistering attack on the organization by Cosatu’s -Western Cape provincial secretary Tony ecently.

Dr David Mabunda, Chief Executive at (SANParks) has given reasons for their Parks Campaign nationally.

“SA National Parks Week is not a campaign aimed at promoting tourism during off-season. Our national parks rarely have what is referred to as an off-season because they cater for different climates, interests and clients.

SA National Parks Week is a programme aimed at teaching South Africans more about their natural heritage by encouraging them to go to national parks. The campaign is about raising awareness and educating rather than marketing and promotion, “says Dr Mabunda.

“SANParks generates 85 percent of its operating revenue and it is therefore highly dependent on the revenue it receives from paying clients.

SANParks has decided to make a sacrifice of offering free access on five days of a year to give surrounding communities, school groups, unemployed youth, pensioners and all citizens an opportunity to visit parks and receive information on the importance and need for national parks,” he continued.

Ehrenreich concern was, why charge exorbitant rates for entering the parks, amongst others.

All other parks referred us to SANParks for comment.



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