PoY awards seeks to celebrate brand-awareness in SA!

Selected from over 200 products which made the finalist roll, the winners list is based on months of intensive research involving the surveying of over 5,000 South African households nationwide.

The research is independent and conducted exclusively through research company Nielsen.

“South African consumers are becoming more discerning and will no longer fall for the hype of advertising claims of products being ‘new’ or ‘improved’, ‘the best’ or ‘unique’ says Product of the Year MD Preetesh Sewraj.

“Consumers will research products, try them out and voice their opinions if they are not happy. The brands are well aware of this and therefore are becoming more inventive and strategic in order to attract and maintain customers in the crowded consumer goods market.”

He said Product of the Year would continue bridging the communication gap between the consumer and manufacturer through researching new products and testing them with consumers and providing constructive feedback to companies to ensure customers got value for their money.

Launched in 2008 in South Africa and present in more than 30 countries globally, Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer voted programme that identifies and celebrates innovation in the consumer goods industry.  Companies enter their products to be put under the critical spotlight of consumer opinion. The products entered must be less than 18 months old.

The 2013 winners come from across a wide spectrum of companies with the product categories ranging from personal care to household products and more sophisticated electronic devices and appliances.

Winners will be able to use the Product of the Year logo on various communication vehicles, such as television ads, print, and on-pack, to highlight the endorsement they have received from the South African public.

For winners visit:www.productoftheyear.co.za

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