Prasa's message of condolences to Mandela's family!

The PRASA Family is saddened by the passing of the Founding Father of our Democracy.

He has inspired many in our country and the World with his example of sacrifice, selflessness, courage and a commitment to a better and equal World. Tata Nelson Mandela was a champion of the poor, oppressed and downtrodden around the World.

Tata Mandela remains a true hero for all of us – the people of South Africa, Africa and the World. On behalf of the Board, Management and Employees of PRASA, we extend our heartfelt condolences and gratitude to the Mandela Family, the Government, the African National Congress and the people of South Africa on this monumental loss.

We are proud that his struggle for freedom, peace and democracy, waged together with his comrades in the liberation movement, has restored the dignity of all South Africans.

His legacy and example on fighting poverty, forging a common nationhood and resolving intractable conflicts around the World continue to inspire many around the World.

We at PRASA are appreciative of the conditions that democratic South Africa has created for many of our fellow countrymen and women. We are modernising the transport system so that passengers using our trains and buses can travel in safety, comfort and dignity.

Our employees, inspired by the example, vision and values of Tata Nelson Mandela, commit to work hard in the period ahead to create a modern transport system that supports our cities, rural towns, villages and the economy of South Africa for many decades to come. This transformation and modernization is made possible by the struggle for freedom and sacrifices of Tata Nelson Mandela and many of his comrades.

For those of us, who cherished freedom, peace, democracy and economic reconciliation, we must pick up the spear and contribute to the fight against inequality, unemployment and poverty.

We will forever remain grateful.

* Sfiso Buthelezi, is an ex-prisoner at Robbin Island.

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