Prasa welcomes world class locomotives!

 This second consignment of locomotives was received by the Honourable Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters and the Chairperson of Prasa’s board Dr. Popo Molefe as well as Members of the Portfolio Committee on Transport.  

The multi-billion deal entered between international and local designers, is likely to forge ahead in 2030, whose main purpose is to reduce travel time, provide comfort, reliability and improve efficiency within the rail industry in the country.

“In fast tracking the modernisation of public passenger transport to rail, this government is investing R172.3 billion in the next ten (10) years from which R3.5 billion has gone into the manufacture of 70 locomotives, and R51 billion towards the manufacture of 600 new trains for Metrorail,” says the Minister.

She continued:” Government is totally committed in reversing decades of underinvestment in railway infrastructure which has contributed to poor levels of reliability and predictability.”

Prasa chairperson, Dr. Popo Molefe, said: “As a board, we feel quite honoured that we have been entrusted with this enormous task of public passenger transport in this country.

Over time we have had to deal with high levels of frustrations from our people, who use our trains, because of slow journey times and overcrowding resulting in the passengers losing faith in rail as a mode of choice. 

What we see will immediately see the reduction of travel time on our long-distance passenger rail services as part of our commitment in providing high quality passengers services.”

Thousands of jobs have been created directly and indirectly as a result of this billion rand project.

At the time of publishing, it was not clear when will the third consignment be delivered.


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