Pres Zuma opens multibillion rail project!

 The R1, 3bn rail infrastructure is the partnership between the National Transport department and the Passenger Rail Agency of SA.

 With rain and ululations being the order of the day, multitudes of well-wishers from Kwa-Mashu, Phoenix, Inanda and Ntuzuma avoided the dampening weather and cramped into large marquee and sang like demons possessed.

 In his key address, the President made a calling to members of the community to look after services provided by government.

Addressing in both iSizulu and Queens Language, Zuma said: “I urge all of you to utilise these services that are being unveiled today and to look after them.

“We will continue as government to roll out these infrastructure projects, but we need your support to look after them, they are a national resource.

“We cannot and should not therefore burn trains just because we are angry that they have come late.”

The new rail link is 3.5km long.

“Being only 17km from the Durban city centre, the Bridge City Centre brings together the communities of Phoenix and Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu and links them into the urban system,” Zuma said.

“It serves as the social and commercial centre to an area housing a population of more than 800 000 people, who at present have generally poor access to facilities and social services.”

The new rail link would improve access to facilities and social services.

“Bridge City is thus a catalyst for economic growth and the empowerment of surrounding communities,” Zuma said.

“This is why we say this wonderful development is part of the celebration of freedom as it contributes to improving the quality of life of our people.”

The new Bridge City station included a bus and taxi interchange and was the largest rail infrastructure development project in the Durban area.

Lucky Montana, Prasa Group Chief Executive says, over the past five years, government invested more than R40 billion in passenger rail infrastructure and services, and a further R50 billion would be invested over the next few years.

“Today, we have trains that cut across residential areas and cities making it easy for commuters to travel,” he said.

As part of rail infrastructure system in the country, SA will for the first time produce trains, so will Brazil as partners.

“This will also be part of our company’s policy to increase job creations within all spheres of our company, particularly young engineers,” says Montana.

Later in the evening aboard the luxurious Premier Classe, Montana had a one-on-one with SATAWU and other Unions, who for once sang in unison.

He assured them that, there will be no job shedding as has been speculated.

Also in attendance were Ministers, Mayors, business-people, traditional leaders, and well-wishers who came en masse!

The President, also promised that the open area next to the Bridge City Station would be developed for hospital and residential area.


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