Private sector lauded for showing support in SA sport


He was addressing corporate and business sector at Hyatt Hotel, Rosebank yesterday.

The purpose of the breakfast briefing was three-pronged.

Firstly, to give report back on what was achieved at last year’s Sport Indaba; secondly to make a call to corporate sector to adopt sport as one of lever projects, and finally, what should be key objectives to be considered as part of 2012 Olympic Games in London.

 The Minister said the Sport Indaba met its expectations having had inputs and recommendations from various sporting and other stakeholders involved in sport development in the country.

“Contentious issues such as transformation charter, sponsorships, sports plan, school’s sport Olympic games, amongst others, where aggressively deliberated on and, was looking forward to implementations thereof.”

According to the Minister, targets and time frames have been put into place.

On the issue of corporate involvement, the Minister said, it would be of great importance to have a buy-in from this sector because they have more resources than government, and that the Corporate Governance from those sectors would help in alleviating corruption, mismanagement and unaccountability.

“It should be crystal clear from the on-set that, the corporate world can only get involved in sport when there is transparency and accountability. Because of the laws and PFMA’s involved the private sector cannot be associated with any discrepancies or whatsoever,” he says.

This gathering is a road-map for the department of Sport in soliciting support, financial aid and mentoring from the private sector and business community.

“With the thoughtful buy-in from both public and sector, sport development will become a realization not a pipe-dream.”

The Minister also highlighted the world’s apart in the case of Australia, which has invested billions in sport development and whereas, in this country, the above statement is the opposite.

With regard to the 2012 London Olympic Games kicking-off in August, the Minister has called on all participating federations to meet their targets and produce the best performing team ever.

“ With resources in abundance, we hope the teams are already working tirelessly to meet their objectives. 

Plans and criteria used to identify talent as presented by various federations will have to be put to test and see how best they’ve crafted their workmanship,” says Mbalula.

With regard to Schools’ Sport , Mbalula said next month the launch of Schools Sport Programme Games  in partnership with the department of Basic Education, will identify with rejuvenating holistic sport development particularly in rural areas and, community hubs will be developed.

On his intervention in the thorny issue of Sascoc public spat, the Minister says its’ unfortunate that this happens when the teams are hard at work for the Olympics, but went on to promise that, his intervention will be of clear-conscience.

“Jostling for positions as has happened at Sascoc is unfortunate, however, when positions are contested within the frameworks of Corpotate Governance there’s nothing wrong,  I will fully support that, as long as it does not comprise our beautiful sport, “he opined.

Happy Ntshingila, Absa Marketing Director says, sport should be supported by all and as private sector, we will chart ways on how best we can rally behind it, particularly school’s sport.



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