PSL appoints new CE!


Matthews’ resignation came shortly after Zola Majavu had spent three months at the helm, vacating it over “fundamental differences” when he found out that as CEO his powers didn’t allow him to hire his team including the Chief Operations Officer (COO).

The PSL’s COO Cambridge Mokonyane doubled as the chief executive when the two men vacated their position. Mokonyane will focus fully on his original post from July 2 when De Villiers officially takes over on a three-year contract.

“We went head hunting for him,” PSL chairman Irvin Khoza said.

“It’s the growth of our business and the challenge we are facing in terms of protecting these gains, that you need people with the necessary experience in the field. Experience of corporate South Africa. Experience in sports and also international trends.

“Mr Brand de Villiers has enough experience, he has been involved in the dealing of sponsorships, managing sponsorships, understanding the requirements in the sponsorships and also understanding the challenges in the economy.

“More importantly he has what it takes to position this brand in a way that it stays relevant because as the PSL, in terms of broadcasting hours, we are enjoying unprecedented broadcasting hours in the country.

“To remain in that position lots has to be done. With the experience he has, he will maintain that position.

He has good corporate experience that we require to grow this business and remain competent and competing with the best leagues in the world.”

The former Sail Group chief executive will remain as a board member of rugby outfit Blue Bulls as he leads the PSL.

His intray will include two court cases that have been brought against the PSL surrounding the National First Division promotional play-offs.

Yesterday Chippa United joined Thanda Royal Zulu in taking the league to court in a bid to try and stop the play-offs.

Thanda’s case was sent to arbitration where both parties are awaiting its outcome while Chippa took the organisation to the Cape Town High Court yesterday in a bid to stop the play-off s.

“It’s a very interesting application by Chippa United but it’s within their rights to do that,” Khoza said. “They might have seen that there are merits on the application.

We shall defend that application.

“Fortunately for us in the first application, Chippa was supporting the league in their stance in terms of our submission of papers. But in this instance they want to stop the play-offs.

“I have not seen their papers but the court ruled that all the matters brought before them go to arbitration.

Chippa have elected to go the court route because they might believe that their case has some merit there. We must respect it.”


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