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Punish the racist Adam Catzavelos, Nike distance itself from the racial slur

Adam Catzavelos, has shown that racism in South Africa is still rife, unfortunately.

Punish the racist Adam Catzavelos, Nike distance itself from the racial slur

Racist. Adam Catzavelos should be punished for uttering the K-word.

Yesterday, the gullible the Catzavelos was caught with pants down following his racist remark that went viral while on holiday, somewhere abroad after using the K-word video, celebrating the fact that no black people were present on the beach.

As a result, Catzavelos and his family lost major clients and him being banned from one of the country’s top private schools where his child attends.

Catzavelos is married to Kelly Catzavelos‚ a merchandising director at Nike, and calls have been made on Twitter to boycott Nike.

Nike, in a short statement said Adam Catzavelos was not their employee.

“Nike opposes discrimination and has a long-standing commitment to diversity‚ inclusion and respect. We believe in the power of human potential in everyone – of every race‚ religion‚ nationality‚ gender and sexual orientation.

“We can also confirm that Adam Catzavelos is not a Nike employee‚” the company stated.

Nedbank has also distanced itself from its association with Catzavelos.

Through Twitter it said: “Nedbank and 702 strongly condemn all forms of racism. Adam Catzavelos is not a Nedbank employee. He took part in a Business Accelerator Programme in 2014. He‚ along with 360 other entrepreneurs‚ was profiled on the programme hosted on 702 and sponsored by Nedbank over 6 years.@

For years, racial bigots have acted with impunity in this country because they believe that, despite having political power, the majority has no ability to take any meaningful action against them. It hurts like hell, stru!

Political parties have called for harsher sentence against Catzavelos and Human Rights Commission has promised to institute action against him.

Unfortunately, in everyday of our lives we experience this kind of a behaviour from other races. It sucks…

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