MTN Quiz4Moola competition winners’ out of the hat!

Although refusing to be photographed, the 32 year old admitted this has been unreal until it sunk in today.

Sharing his excitement with SLM at presentation ceremony at MTN SA head offices in Johannesburg, Bernard says he would like to thank God for making all this possible.  Secondly, would like to send big thanks to the sponsors and his family.

Posed to him with such a windfall what were his intentions he said:” I would buy myself a property and finish paying off my parents bond.  The rest would be channeled to further my studies and investments,” says the Bernard, who works at a manufacturing company.

“I kept entering the competition since its inception and my family helped whenever I stumbled.”

MTN launched the Quiz4Moola competition in March, rewarding customers with points for each correct answer and with bonus points for getting a stipulated number of consecutive answers right.

After opting in, contestants received trivia questions on a range of different topics.

For the duration of the competition, participants won daily prizes of R 15 000 cash and monthly prizes of R100 000. Contestants were eligible for a grand prize regardless of whether they had won daily or monthly prize.

To participate subscribers had to SMS the word ‘WIN’ to 30640 at a cost of R 1.50 and collect points for every answer they get right.

Having amassed huge interest from both young and old, the competition would be extended to September this year, according to MTN chief marketing officer Larry Annetts.

At MTN, we believe that being brainy shouldn’t just be for impressing others. Quiz4Moola has given our subscribers the opportunity to showcase their aptitude and get rewarded for it. We are pleased with the enthusiastic feedback we have received from our customers on this competition.

“The competition was a general multiple questions, hence huge response from our customers,” he says.

It is also open to all were we operate business, as long as the SIM card is RICAd, says Annetts.

The second runner up went to Sowetan Gordon Gcwabaza.

Still reeling in shock the petite Gcwabaza, from Senaoane who only told his family about the prize today after the presentation, pocketed R300 000 cash instead of a trip to Disneyland.

“I couldn’t believe it even now hence, I had to wait until I was picked up by a car to chauffer me to the MTN offices. Upon arrival I realized this was a big deal, “says Gcwabaza, who was accompanied by his sibling and ‘bodyguard’.

“I’m going to invest some for my kid and the rest shall discuss with family,” says the (34) who works at a courier company.

On the sidelines Annets says the resignation of the MTN CEO’s, Ahmed Farroukh was nothing but personal.

He‘s from Canada and family commitments made him to reach such an unfortunate decision.

“Unfortunately, the issue of the strike coincidentally happened when he had just concluded his resignation, “says Annetts, who also indicated that due to ‘unrest’ the share price hit 2%.

Farroukh had only been with MTN for eight months.

Will the next candidate stand the heat following resignation of MD Maanda Manyatshe (2006) chief marketing officer Santie Botha (2010) and group chief financial officer Nazir Patel (2015)?

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