Quo Vadis, Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu as his cash-cow NHLS delist him as a service provider for nine-years?

Now one of his cash-cows the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) has terminated his contract for the next nine-years, with immediate effect.

This follows a series of investigations by NHLS in the number of purchase orders for Personal Protective Equipments during the period of 2020 May.

The Special Investigative Unit acting in terms of Proclamation R23 of 2020 (3 July 2020) mandates it to investigate fraud, corruption and maladministration in relation to procurement of goods and services by organs of State during the national state of disaster, also unearthed that Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu and his associate companies or ‘front companies, amongst others:

– benefited illegally and did not deliver PPE quantities as per PO;

– unlawfully conspired or colluded with officials within the NHLS procurement department to secure PPE purchasing orders;

– Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu had no experience in the business of procuring PPEs;

– the NHLS funds account for 91% of the inflows into the accounts of front companies during 2020 and there’s no other source of the sudden and extraordinary level of wealth obtained by Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu except NHLS funds. Before the procurements in 2020 the companies had insignificant assets;  

 – the only inference that can be plausibly be drawn about the level of profit that was obtained by Hamilton Ndlovu as a result of NHLS contracts is that the procured goods were not delivered, or if delivered, were grossly overpriced and that the majority of the funds were used to finance his lavish lifestyle, his family at the cost of NHLS and public funding/finance;

– Accounts of the front companies and of Hamilton Ndlovu show that, with the exception of R15 329 230. 66, the amount of R172 742 175.00 received by front companies from NHLS for the supply of PPEs were not used to obtain supplies of PPEs in order to deliver upon contracts;

Instead the vast majority of funds were stripped out of the front companies and flowed to Hamilton Ndlovu for his use.  

-Some 87.7 percent of the funds received from NHLS were spent on properties, luxury vehicles, big teller cash withdrawals, furniture and fittings at the most expensive stores, Scania Trucks, branded clothing, and accessories, legal fees and some R40 Million held on investment, amongst others. 

NHLS listed all the companies (17 of them in our possession) associated with Ndlovu and his Identity Document ID (in our possession) for having benefited illegally by being a preferred bidder, of which certain officials from the procurement department also benefited financially from Ndlovu and his companies.

This was confirmed by the chief executive at NHLS, Dr Kamy Chetty through an email dated August 3 2021, sent out to Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu Pty (Ltd) and 17 related entities and individuals, of which SLM is in possession.

It means neither Hamilton nor any of his associates will ever crack any tender from the State, until the nine-year period of restriction is completed.

In September 2020, the Pretoria high court confirmed a Section 163 preservation order granted to the South African Revenue Service (Sars) against Johannesburg businessman Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu and others.

Acting judge president of the Gauteng division Roland Sutherland said Ndlovu had no defence for his outstanding Sars bill and his reasons for challenging the provisional order were deficient.

According to Sutherland, Ndlovu caught Sars’ eye following his “spendthrift behaviour” when he bought five luxury cars in one go.

He bought one Lamborghini Urus, three Porsches and a Jeep for himself, the “kids”, his parents and his wife.

The collective value of the cars is said to be about R10.5 m.

From 2017 to 2021, based on the bank accounts, Ndlovu had a gross income of R72 590 000 million.

Sars has consequently hit him with an R36 840 000 estimated tax liability for those years.

In his apology, Ndlovu said he had never intended to “trivialise” the community’s current challenges and that he received all the comments, positive or negative, “with humility”.

“I know better today,” he was quoted.

A person by the name of (Mzi) from Hamilton Ndlovu’s office called and instructed us to talk to the Hawks.

At the time of publishing NHLS did not provide a comment on officials implicated.

Image (Quo Vadis? Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu has been restricted from conducting any businesses with the State.)

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