Rail tourism entrenches the role it plays globally!

The Passenger Rail of SA has made available Shosholoza Meyl and Premier Classe for those with penchant for fun, traveling and mingling to make a booking visit:www.prasa.com

The CTIJF begins from March 27 to 28 at Cape Town Convention Center, and Prasa is one of the sponsors.

Aboard trains will be entertainment from the wunder kid of note and drummer Danny ‘Danno’ Petersen, DJs and musicians to entertain guests as they snake their way to Cape Town for 1500kms sojourn.

‘Danno’ has just returned from his successful Los Angeles trip; where he recorded his demo album at the world’s famous studio Capital Records, that has produced the likes of ‘The Beatles’ and other celebrated global stars.

Talk of sojourn the ‘uncontainable’ Jonathan Phang, last week launched his much awaited Jonathan Phang’s Gourmet Trains in South Africa, Pretoria aboard the luxurious Blue Train.

According to Phang, the fundamental value of rail tourism is that it connects people from different backgrounds to enjoy food, cuisine and dining all under one ‘roof, he told Sowetolife Mag Online, at the exclusive launch.

 “I love my food on trains hence I’ve traveled world over to experience it,” he says in hand with a glass of wine.

In contrast, Phang spent 20 years’ shaping world’s top models in London, Miami and New York before opening his beauty agency.

How he landed burning pots-was a coincidence-he chuckles.

Says the ‘uncontainable’ Phang:”The new series is similar to the last one in as much as I experience iconic, international train journeys, eat too much amazing food, and meet lovely local foodies.

I am very lucky that my job includes my favourite things – travel, people and food I am grateful to Travel Channel for the opportunities that they allow me and I do not take my job for granted,” says the ‘food star’.

Zimbabwe, India and Japan are some of his next destinations he would like to visit.

Jonathan Phang’s Gourmet Trains 2 premieres on Saturdays from April 11 (UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa), on the Travel Channel.

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