Rhino poaching arrests intensified!

This brings to 18 the number of rhino poached in the Kruger National Park for their horns.  Six rhino were poached in North West and five in KwaZulu-Natal since the start of the year.

The Kruger National Park figures includes carcasses of rhinos killed in 2012, but were only discovered recently due to thick bush.  

Anti-poaching efforts have resulted in 13 arrests in relation to rhino poaching this year.  Six of the arrests were made in the Kruger National Park during two successful operations, despite serious flooding, this past weekend.

On Friday special operations team members and rangers arrested two alleged poachers in the Pafuri region, confiscating 375 high calibre hunting rifle and poaching equipment. 

Four more poachers were arrested in the Tshokwane and Nwanetsi areas.

Two of the suspects, who had been chased with the help of air support, managed to flee to Mozambique. Three rhino horns, a firearm and poaching equipment were confiscated. 

During the follow-up investigation two rhino carcasses were found, with their horns removed.

South Africans are urged to report any information or tip offs that they may have in relation to rhino poaching to 0800 205 005.

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