Hillbrow to host evening bicycle ride in aid of boxing club!

The jamboree is about cyclists enjoying the evening in Hillbrow, one of the worlds popular yet crime ridden areas as part of engaging directly with local government and communities on the implementation and construction of bicycle routes in Johannesburg.

It is the brainchild of community activists known as ‘Through Critical Mass Jozi’, which seeks to break down social and economic barriers in the city, through bringing inner-city and suburban residents together socially in parts of the city where this would not usually happen.

It has been taking place in Jozi on monthly basis since April 2011. On average, there are 1000 participants every month. It is organized by word of mouth, and through social media like facebook.

“It is our belief that if people from different parts of Jozi can interact, perceptions will change, and our city will become a better place,” says Chakan Hislop, one of the organizers. 

“Actions and intervention related to the latter includes plans to donate bikes to inner city community projects, in concert with developing road safety and awareness courses.  Already CM has incorporated a bicycle tour company from Soweto into CM, namely to hire bikes to people (without them) who wish to take part.  

We believe it is important to develop economic opportunities for previously disadvantaged communities as part of the fabric of what Critical Mass is all about,” says Hislop. 

On the security concerns, Hislop said police and the community are liaising to make sure all runs smoothly.

It starts from cnr DeBeer & Juta, Braamfontein from  19:15 – 19:30 and mid ride break cnr Kotze Street & Quartz  Street Hillbrow at around 20:30 for 21:30, and ends were it started at around 10pm.

For more info contact: chakanhislop@gmail.com   

Meanwhile, Critical Mass has decided to help the Hillbrow Boxing Club following the boxing ring fence being slammed into by the taxi this week, killing one pedestrian and two people who were training miraculously survived.  

After this unfortunate accident, (CM) organisers have decided to turn the CM block party where 1500+ cycling riders will descend for the ride.

George Khosi, the manager and coach of HBC other members have decided to use the Hillbrow’s CM intervention to raise well needed funds for the Boxing Club and youth of Hillbrow which it serves. 

Over the next couple of weeks CM aims to raise R20,000 which will be used to repair the boxing ring and also supply them with the boxing gear, computers and audio visual equipment they require to maximise their capacity to do good in the Hillbrow community.

For donations and help George Khosi can be reached at:  074-296-3312.

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