Riaan and KFC gives back to less fortunate!

True, to the latter Riaan Manser through his efforts and undying love for community outreach programmes, has just completed 4100kms ride in 2 months to raise money for the KFC Add Hope campaign.

Last week, to wrap-up his unforgettable sojourn visited the MES Primary School in Hillbrow and other projects which KFC supports in Jozi, cycling on his worn-out racing bicycle.

The campaign seeks to support the fight against hunger in less privileged areas throughout South Africa. The Add Hope initiative strives to drive awareness of the hunger issue and raise funds, which supports hunger alleviation projects around South Africa. The campaign is active throughout the year and last year KFC consumers donated over R6 million in R2 coins at KFC restaurants nationwide.

Glooming faces, ululations and singing praises to their star the kids had a fun-filled day (balloons, face painting and of course, loads of eating) it was the day Riaan said would cherish as long as he lives.

“This is one thing that makes me sleep well at night,” he said accompanied by the tired-looking body but nevertheless was eager to celebrate with his twinkle little stars.

“My journey throughout this beautiful country is to strive for happiness, love and the feeling of being wanted which I’ve seen on the faces of these kids for the past two months.”

It was not easy as some of these kids are orphans and some HIV infected. Its heartbreaking,” I must point out.

According to Lauren Turnbull, KFC CSI and Sponsorship Manager: “The success of this campaign seeks to raise awareness and funds for the Add Hope Campaign. It also means we have put food on thousands of children’s plates and hope in their hearts.

The Add Hope Campaign is a long term commitment on behalf our company, customers and stakeholders, which has allowed us to make a real difference in the lives of some of South Africa’s less privileged communities.”

Two Protea’s players were also on hand to offer help were it was needed most: batting with the kids! Your guess is just as good as mine what transpired!

Phakamani Dube (4) and Lesego Kololo (6) all agreed that although they didn’t know much about Riaan, they only heard from their teacher who he was, and what he was doing to help other kids in the country.

Judith Ndlovu, a teacher and Unit Leader of the MES project around Hillbrow, Berea, Yeoville and JHB central, said she was always looking forward meeting Riaan, whom she never met before.

“I told the kids about the latter, and now that we’ve all met him everyone is happy, particularly his host (kids).” This is a glorious day for someone who doesn’t know you to give back as Riaan has done.

To KFC, we’re delighted once again for putting your hand where your mouth is.”

“I’m going to enjoy my beer and spend quality time with my fiancé in Durban” says Riaan, a born and raised Durbanite who confessed exclusively to Sowetolife Mag Online that her better-half is expecting.

“However, I will be visiting other projects on my personal capacity to see their progress.”

Asked how much are they expecting to raise this year, Turnbull made no assurances but said it could be more millions.

South Africans can still show support to KFC’s Add Hope Campaign by donating in-store or by clicking: http://www.kfc.co.za/addhope/

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