SA and Trinidad & Tobago cement historical relations!

Various venues have been identified were the events will unfold. Namely Soweto, Pretoria and Tembisa.

 The purpose of the celebration is to renew the close friendship between the Governments and people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and South Africa.

Having said that, the High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago considered it appropriate to mark both events with a cultural performances by one of the top five steel orchestras from Trinidad and Tobago from May 26 to June 01.

 During the apartheid era, Trinidad and Tobago had assisted the liberation movement in South Africa by providing travel documents to leaders in the struggle to facilitate movement in order to expose the wicked system of apartheid, amongst others.

 Both countries signed the political understanding in 2004.

 Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Multicultralism and National Carnival Commission, support the project, which will see organizations heavily involved in arts and music, sharing ideas with their counterparts.

 On Wednesady, May 28 the first concert will take place at the South African State Theatre, Pretoria; May 29- Outdoor Concert Performance at Vilakazi Street, Soweto and Sunday 01,  Outdoor Concert Performance at Imbizo Shisanyama- Busy Corner in Tembisa, respectively.

 SA is also celebrating its 20th of democracy this year!





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