SA should benefit from China says, Chiwayo!

The former Executive Mayor of the controversial Mbombela Municipality, Chiwayo is now the General Consulate at China and he’s loving the title and the job.

Some of my colleagues coined him the preacher and motivational speaker of note, for he went on unreservedly about his political background and words of Wisdom!

If this is what China does to one, then count me in, Mr Chiwayo!

Speaking exclusively to Sowetolife Mag Online during his visit in the country recently,  Chiwayo says he has no intention to bear grudges instead China demands most of his attention to help fellow South Africans to penetrate the market.

Outlining his five strategic objectives, he said China has the potential to grow and improve the SA economy, infrastructure, travel and tourism, technology and energy recycling.

“China is looking for business opportunities to invest in SA, therefore we must strategically position ourselves and align them with the objectives of the Chinese.

 The Chinese are more investment driven rather than relying on government to implement programmes,” he said.

Boasting the largest population in the world (1,4bn), China reportedly invest close to R40,1bn in the GDP of South Africa, and Chiwayo wants more of that cake to benefit hardworking and honest South Africans.

 “Both SA and China have bilateral working agreements to improve and create working environment suitable for its citizens. My role as the General Consulate would act as catalyst in taking that forward.”

As part of his visit to SA recently, he met with various stakeholders from tourism, education sector, SAA, leading government officials and businesses to strategise on various mechanisms to be implemented to leverage on opportunities in China.

For the past three months having being appointed, the Consulate has met with youth organizations, churches, business chambers- particularly at Shanghai which is the biggest world trade centre globally, tourism organizations and energy companies on how best to use their skills and learn from them.

“We should begin exporting more rather than importing excessively,” he warned. This would help in stabilizing our economic brain-drain because Chinese are prudent and jealous with their economy, he continued.

Described as ‘Activist Diplomat’ Chiwayo says his work is to market, promote, harness and conscientious the Chinese of what SA is capable of.

“This thing of fong kongs and derogatory words the Chinese are often described by all and sundry should come to an end. These Nation has a lot to offer to fellow South Africans and the world at large despite its political battles.”

Posed to him what he thinks of the controversial Mbombela and its shenanigans he quipped:”I’ve crossed my path as the Executive Mayor and now the world is my Oyster,” says the pint-sized Chiwayo.

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