SAFA's ineptitude could cost the country dearly!

This follows reports that global football body FIFA is now threatening to kick SAFA and the country out of international football.

South African Football Association has been plagued by financial mismanagement and internal affairs, which has prompted the appointment of Commission of Enquiry by the South African government.

SA government led by Mbalula and SAFA head-honcho Kirsten Nemantandani jetted off to Zurich to try and explain the letter which was sent by a certain SAFA member, purporting mismanagement at the football association.

Now according to Mbalula, FIFA represented by its secretarty Jerome Valcke, did a somersault and called the meeting they had as “interference” by SA government, which has ignited uneasiness amongst the hierachy at SA government.  

“I am disappointed at  the way FIFA has handled the situation. Our meeting with them was cordial, and all of a sudden we get such threatening comments that they will pull the plug on us. What is that?” He asked agitated.

“We do not interfere in sport in this country. The only time we get involved is when a certain federation seeks our advice, that’s all. No interference or whatsover.

“If FIFA, according to them, we did interefere then I’m afraid they can go and fly a kite. We used the tax payers money to meet and discuss the letter and the possible establishment of the Enquiry, and now they turn around and say we’re interfering. There’s no TRUTH in that.”

In a joint statement on Wednesday, the sport ministry and the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) said Safa had been on a downward spiral since the 2010 global showpiece.

“Safa has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons,” they said.

“Football-loving South Africans have been exposed to diatribes and serious allegations.”

A KPMG report into Safa’s finances also revealed the football body was R92 million in the red and on the brink of bankruptcy.

Mbalula and Sascoc said they could not ignore the multitude of allegations against the national football federation.

“Going forward, the matter is in the hands of the South African government and we will consider it, taking into account the merits and demerits of each proposal (made) to us,” the ministry and Sascoc said.

Mbalula was unable to appoint commissions, and only President Jacob Zuma could do so in terms of the Commissions Act.

It was also Zuma’s prerogative to construct the terms of reference, define the scope, and set time-frames for the inquiry.

Mbalula also took a swipe at SAFA for being liars, cowards and ineptitude towards their style of management.

“I’ m going to call a meeting with FIFA and present the same letter so that they should explain what they said, officially.”


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