Samsung punt education as a lever project!

Various leading government department’s head honchos had an opportunity to interact, dissect and map way forward with Samsung officials on how to improve education in both Southern Africa and other African states.  

Albeit, education was the focal point other important issues such as health, technology and what the company stands for were discussed in length during the four-day gathering which had close 850 journos and international guests.

Held under the theme ‘Journey of Wonder’, local Cape Town schools also took part in understanding the evolving technology which would prepare them for future job market.  

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga, who was attending the forum as part of B2G (business to government) says the subject of education cannot be over-emphasised.

“Education is key for both government and private sector. Such partnerships would try and eliminate poorer situations our schools both locally and in other African states face,” she said.

“We hope this marriage would also apply to our fellow brothers and sisters in other states to form deadly partnerships with their respective private sectors to consider education as a tool to fight poverty.”

KK Park, CEO of Samsung Electronics Africa says:” Relentless pursuit of new innovation is the key principle of our business and what is enabling consumers to discover a world of possibilities with technology.”

“Africa is a dynamic region and consumers today are looking for technology that will enrich and empower them. Samsung’s key concern has been, and will continue to be, how do we develop the technology to resolve the continent’s challenges? How do we contribute to building a smarter Africa? The answer: Built For Africa technology.”

 Fostering education through technology will help us in reaching our goal globally: to educate the nation, he said.

On what makes the Samsung brand unique and always re-assessing itself, Park said the ‘Journey of Wonder’ is a journey that started in 2010, at the first

Samsung Africa Forum, where Samsung introduced and actively started the Built For Africa initiative – bringing over 500 engineers, market researcher and research and development specialists around the world to travel throughout Africa to understand the needs and wants of the African consumer.

“Three years later it is very clear that Samsung’s presence in Africa is about bringing Samsung’s smart world to the continent – creating a smart eco-system for Africa – solution-based devices and value added content for life and lifestyle enhancement – and we have the most diverse product portfolio in the world of ICT to do exactly that,” says Park.

As part of Hope for Children initiative, Samsung launched the first Africa Smart Government Summit and pioneered projects such as Solar Power Generator and Solar Powered Health Centre which are set to make positive impacts across the continent by 2015 and reach 100,000 people.

Robert Ngeru, Samsung East Africa COO, commented during interview that, technology and education can and will be used to fight poverty.

“With large amounts of funds and time resources invested in such projects, we hope the message will be conveyed to other sectors to come on board because Samsung cannot do it alone. It’s a societal issue,” says Ngeru.  

Park quipped that, no other technology company has broad a product portfolio as Samsung and this places us in a unique position to create solutions that can contribute to the development of the African continent and its people.

This is our journey and we are committed to creating a Smart Africa through our products and initiatives.

On a lighter note the four-day gathering, also saw state of the art brands on show for those with appetite for finer things in life.

Yes, the subject of education won on the day, and hopefully the message has been well received by those with powers at their disposal.

‘Journey of Wonder’ simply means decisive action, pro-active action! 


NB. Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched after world frenzy!

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