Sascoc in-fighting could derail Olympic's plans

With the Olympics beginning in August this year, this does not augur well for the team which has been under-performing nor breaking records at the international games.

According to source close to the saga, she only confirmed that Reddy is alleged to have been unhappy with the way his compatriot has been conducting himself, especially with preparations for the Olympics on going.

“The source alluded that they both know what is at stake hence this plotting”.

“Unfortunately, the scandals come at a critical time when the administration should be investing time into teams ahead of the Olympics,” she says.

This will do more damage than good for our teams, she commented.

On a national television yesterday, Reddy confirmed that Sam was launching an attack on him. It was also allegedly reported that Dr Irvin Khoza was approached to back either of the fighting parties.

Unfortunately, he was unavailable for comment.

Conventional wisdom has is that, more money- more problems!

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