Say what Captain 'O Clock?

Colloquially, that time is becoming known as Captain ‘O Clock, and is being coupled with the term #TickTickBoom to signal the night is about to go next level.

Why Captain O’ Clock? Because more often than not the much-loved rum and cola is usually what revellers switch to, to up the ante.

And when these party people are ready to rally their crew, Captain Morgan, SA’s favourite rum brand, has made it that much easier and cheaper (in fact free) to do so, by ingeniously launching a “Please Meet Me” service set to change the way people Shayi’round.

Much like the popular (and also free) “Please Call Me”, a “Please Meet Me” allows you to get in touch with your friends and alert them to where the hottest parties are – Mahala. Gratis!

So if your air-time’s on the low, you can now dial *134*9212# and follow the easy instructions to invite your friends to join you wherever you may be. And better yet, if you don’t know quite where you want to be spending Captain ‘O Clock, the “Please Meet Me” service also suggests hot and happening parties in your area. #TickTickBoom!

To celebrate (and who wouldn’t want to!?) this new technology, the Captain is hosting a series of parties around the country for eager crews counting down to Captain O Clock.

The first high energy event went down at the Hard Rock Café, Nelson Mandela Square.

DJ Warras, one of the celebs putting his weight behind the campaign raised the roof with a killer set, and was even seen sending a few “Please Meet Me’s” of his own.

“For me Captain ‘O Clock is that moment when, hanging with friends, it’s time to turn the music up and get everyone amped to hit the town in search of the ultimate night out!

And if you’re already out with your crew, Tick….Tick… reach for a Captain, and BOOM! It’s Captain O’Clock” said DJ Warras (aka the Shady Lurker).

Captain Morgan® #TICKTICKBOOM It’s Captain O’ Clock!

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