Seychelles and SA to sign MOU!

Status. Ephymol showcased his designs at the AFV in Soweto, last Saturday. Images Simon Deiner/SDR Photo.

This follows confirmed news that both SA and Seychelles are on the brink of signing an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that would increase tourists to both countries.

Speaking at the African Fashion Vibe 2016 (partnership between GTA and arts & culture) held at Soweto Theatre, last weekend, Benjamine Rose- Permanent Secretary for Culture at the Ministry of Tourism: Republic of Seychelles, confirmed they’re on finalization stages of signing an MOU with the South African Government.

“The agreement would help us on the cultural exchange programmes that South Africa is synonymous for. This is a rich country that preserves its culture and for us, this means we’re going to learn extensively in that regard,” she said exclusively to SLM.

“Secondly, we’re here to learn on SA’s variations of music and fashion- key selling points of this beautiful country.  Whenever, a South African enquirers about visiting our shores, first thing that springs to mind is our beaches. That’s what sells us.

SA regales on fashion, music and culture and we pride ourselves on astounding beaches. So this MOU stands to be of great significance between the two.”

Lindiwe Ndebele- Director Arts & Culture, on the MOU says this is part of promoting cultural tourism between said countries.

“Sadly, people are not aware that Seychelles is actually in Africa and as South Africans, ours is to create a platform to inform through such exchange programmes,” says Ndebele, who represented deputy minister mme Rejoice Mabudafhasi.

“Young people should be able write narratives about African Charter as we seek to promote and better Africa for all.”

benjamine seychelles
Championing cultural tourism. Benjamine Rose- Permanent Secretary for Culture at the Ministry of Tourism: Republic of Seychelles, believes the MOU would benefit both States. She addressed guests at Soweto Theatre.

Meanwhile, Air Seychelles has reportedly seen an increase of 8% in the past six months in passenger traffic between Seychelles and Joburg, according to CE Roy Kinnear.

According to City Press, a local businessman is moving between 300kg and 500kgof air freight between Johannesburg and Mahe each month-everything from medicine, and spare parts to food and toys.

This confirms that Seychelles is fast becoming one of SA big traders, as a result of weaker rand.

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