Since its implementation 18 months ago, Redisa has a good story to tell.

Last week the organization was in Polokwane-Limpopo to investigate the mindset around waste and tyre recycling.

 Currently, Limpopo alone has 61 tonnes of waste tyres that have been collected since December 2014 and, according to Redisa, one depot is currently operational in Polokwane, with plans to roll out more depots in the future.

The recycling is part of bolstering or establishing small businesses in locations and village nationally- as part of government’s national job creation blue-print.

The hands-on, Redisa Director Stacey Davidson says: “By changing the mindset around waste and recognising that worth can be found in waste, we have been able to make a tangible impact to the many people both employed by Redisa, and supported in terms of the secondary industry.”

“We are not a recycling business. Our business is to turn waste into worth, specifically the millions of tyres that are deemed as waste. As a result we have created a circular economy for the tyre industry, in which a tyre recycling business can thrive. Tyre manufacturers and importers pay Redisa a waste management fee to handle their tyre recovery and recycling liability for them,” says Davidson.

Despite challenges facing the organization such as collating comparative statistics, 1617 jobs have been created, 162 small enterprises identified and 1476 tyres collected from dealers nationally, from December 2013 to end of 2014 as part of the Roll out Plan.

According to Davidson, 34 tyre collection depot sites are operational throughout the country, which means more than 10million of tyres unused will be recycled.

For more information on Redisa and roadshows visit: www.redisa.org.za

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