Slikour's apology

“I’d like to apologise to those I’ve offended. It was not my intention,” he says to Sunday World.

In the ditty, Slikour rhymes:

Cause blacks are fools,

they just wanna be fresh,

and they wanna be cool,

give them a little money

and they think they rule.

But I hope we better than that.

Nowadays it’s all about money

and political favours,

is BEE the only way to be something? That’s why we don’t even own nothing, ’cause we think of ourselves as nothing.

We think we progressive, but we delusional.

But now Slikour is swallowing his words and has pleaded with those aggrieved to engage him instead of threatening him.

“I’m a black South African and I’m also affected by the things that are happening to us. I urge people to constructively guide me instead of threatening my life,” he says.

It is alleged that Slikour has been receiving calls from angry people threatening to kill him for ridiculing blacks and perpetuating a racial stereotype. But the former Skwatta Kamp star did not open a case with the police.

“If the truth is going to kill me, so be it,” he says.

Slikour also urged those offended by the song to listen to it properly as he believes they have misunderstood its message.

“I still believe, though, that people should not only focus on the title of the song. I’m saying all this because of what white people or foreigners say about us. They say we are lazy; that is why they take our jobs,” he says.

He launched a blistering attack on South Africans, accusing them of hypocrisy.

“If it was Jay-Z or Kanye West people would not have reacted the way they have. But because they despise me they reacted that way,” he says.

Political parties also reacted angrily to the song.

PAC president Letlapa Mphahlele says: “If you look at people who passed maths at schools and those navigating aeroplanes, blacks are in the minority and that is because of the poor education to which we were subjected.

“It is unfortunate that the artist did not grasp those fundamental realities when producing the song.”

APC president Themba Godi says: “The title of the song is a bit misguided but the message is absolutely correct. If you look at our tenderpreneurs, they waste money on alcohol and senseless parties.”

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa says: “Which planet does he come from? He should withdraw the song and apologise to avoid having people going to the Human Rights Commission to complain.

“Another question is: did he compose the song or did somebody else compose it for him?”

Azapo president Jacob Dikobo says: “It is sad that the song is sung by a black artist. It is a typical example of self-hatred and inferiority complex, something that black consciousness philosophy has been seeking to address.

“We encourage people not to buy that song and radio stations to ban it.”

DA leader Hellen Zille says: “The title is very provocative and I don’t agree with the gross generalisation it makes with reference to black people. It is wrong to generalise about any group and there are wise people and fools in every group.

“If one puts the title aside, the song raises points that we must face honestly as a country, and these points apply to all of us.”

Cope spokesperson Buks Mahlangu says: “Where does he categorise himself? He is black? So he is equally a fool.”

Is he right or wrong, your guess is just good as mine!

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