Sodomy claims untrue- Martie


“It is totally unacceptable. Eugene would never in his whole life do something like that,” said Martie Terre‘Blanche, under cross-examination by Chris Mahlangu‘s lawyer.

Mahlangu, 29, claimed that he was sodomised by Terre’Blanche on the day he died and on another occasion in the nearby mountains.

“If I look at his integrity and his political view it is absurd,” she said.

Mahlangu and his 16-year-old co-accused have pleaded not guilty to hacking to death the co-founder of the far-right Afrikaaner Weerstand Bewing (AWB) who was in bed at his farmhouse outside the small northwest town of Ventersdorp on April 3, 2010.

The autopsy report said Terre’Blanche had suffered numerous injuries to his face and body, but none suggesting self-defence.

Last year a police officer told the court that the 69-year-old’s trousers were unzipped when he arrived at the scene and there was semen on his penis.

Martie, who lived in their other house in town, was not with him at the time of the murder.

She denied that they lived apart, saying he stayed on the farm when there was work to do or no one to look after the cattle.

The trial resumed Monday after being adjourned several times since 2010, and is now set for hearings until Friday.

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