Southern Comfort turns 140!

It is a medley of fruits and spices, mixed with bourbon which originally was called “Cuffs & Buttons”.

As Southern Comfort celebrates its 140 year-mark today, the world will celebrate the awesomeness of the brand today; and look into the future of what Southern Comfort’s next campaign shall bring this year.

Since we’re all in celebratory mood, the brand has been hard at work training barmen during a workshop in Joburg.

Close to 20 ‘tavern’ barmen will be educated and equipped with bar tendering skills and also introducing tavern bar-tenders to the world of modern bartending.

They will also be educated on the mix ability of brands and cocktails that comprise of Southern Comfort and the history behind.

According to Plato Communications that handle PR for Southern Comfort- over 10 000 bartenders, waiters and managers have received training over 13 donkey years’.

The course features subjects on how to prepare a convincing CV to potential employer or colleges; training manuals; handling bar operations and customer relations, amongst others.
Interestingly, the founder of Southern Comfort was a barman and visionary Martin Wilkes Heron, who was an Irish before settling in America.

Southern Comfort is now found in over 100 states.

Today, as we celebrate and toast the 140 journey, lets appreciate the work the company does in emancipating our economy!


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