Sport Indaba promises to tackle contentious issues

The Ministry of Sport and Recreation is determined to take sport from policy to practice through a well constructed National Sports Plan, says Minister of Sport Fikile Mbalula.
The Minister was referring to much anticipated National Sport and Recreation Indaba scheduled from November 21 to 22 at Gallagher Estate, Midrand. 
According to Mbalula, the the National Sport and Recreation Indaba is a direct result of a landmark Strategic Planning Workshop held in January 2011. The ANC Study Group, Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation, as well as the Select Committee on Education and Recreation have also been briefed about a process that is set to transform sport in South Africa. 
The Indaba was preceded by Provincial Izindaba in all nine provinces, whose objective was to feature the widest and broadest possible consultation with the people and structures at the grass-root level of sport in South Africa. 
"The purpose of the National Sport and Recreation Indaba is more than just creating conducive environments, providing resources and facilities and providing scientific support and training," he says. 
"Its purpose is intended to pave the way forward for sport in South Africa, to provide a platform where sport and recreation issues can be discussed frankly and without prejudice and where policies can be translated into practice and a National Sports Plan for the country can be finalised." 
All sporting federations, organisations and other role players in the sport industry have been urged to support the Indaba. 
Various sporting federations whom we had a chat with, attested that the Indaba will not turn into “none-productivity” but bear fruitful discussions and resolve problems which beset their respective federations. 
Mbalula, further reiterated that the overall objective of the National Sport and Recreation Indaba is to reach a people-centred, developmental and transformative discourse that will continue to evolve organically from every nook and cranny of the South African society. 
"We are currently in the process of consultation with politicians, unions, leagues, youth organisations, corporates, donors, selected NGOs, the education sector and the media.  
It is our desire that these thoughts and opinions of all sport-loving people in their organised and voluntary formations will result in a vibrant debate and solid platform for national dialogue at the National Sport and Recreation Indaba."  
Following the SASCOC Annual General Meeting in Rustenburg on 26 August 2011, the president, Mr Gideon Sam, said they are looking forward to a positive outcome at the Indaba. 
Although the drafting team is currently in the process of consolidating all inputs from SASCOC, the public as well as from the nine provincial Indabas in preparation for the National Sport and Recreation Indaba, the public are still encouraged to make comments on the SRSA website at http://www.srsa.gov.za and on their Facebook page. 


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