Striptease ain't for whites only – Foxy

The lanky 25-year-old dancer from Kroonstad, who can be identified only by her stage name, (according to the rules of the competition), beat five other contestants in the final stage of the fiercely contested affair.

“I am very happy. I did not think I would win the competition because it was very stiff. It has taken a lot of creativity and advice from other people to come to this victory,” she said as she waved a R10, 000 cheque, her prize.

Foxy impressed the judges with the act she duped “Class of Foxy”, in which she dragged a supposedly innocent student who knew nothing about sex and initiated her to it.

In a classroom set-up on stage, the learner, dressed in a traditional white shirt and black skirt, enters the class with a school bag full of sex toys, which she does not know what to do with them.

Foxy pulls her down to the floor, half-undresses her, then enters her with the erotic toys meant to replace a man.

She moves on, taking down her grey two-piece suit, until she was left in her birthday suit.

She then uses the toys, much to the amusement of the male audience.

Foxy drew spontaneous loud cheers and calls for an encore from the men who clapped hands – some with their wedding rings reflecting off the stage lights as they urged her on.

She also won a free Top TV pay channel installation.

She said she was going to save the money.

“It is the first time that I have had such money at once,” she said.

“I think I have broken the traditional stereotyping that striptease was not for black people. I took a lot of preparation to win such a competition.”

The runner-ups are Gina, who walked away with a R3, 000 prize, and Marcia, who won R5, 000, respectively.


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