Suzuki Swift GLX- swiftly moving along…

That’s the kind of questions I had to field as a result of Suzuki Swift 1.2 GLX derivative as it continued with its journey from one region to another.

It’s an easy to drive, portable due to its paltry 880kg kerb weight, as the normally aspirated 1.2-litre engine can easily keep pace with fast-paced Soweto traffic – hit hard on the right pedal -hard enough and it’s actually quite brisk.

Gusto on the highway driving, although at times you’ll need to stir the gear stick more often.

The Suzuki 1.2 GLX claims a figure of 4.8-litres/100 and although the fuel tank only holds 37-litres, fuel stops are few and far between- that included Jozi and Potchefstroom.

Arguably one of the most stylish cars in the entry-level class, it certainly doesn’t sacrifice function for form as the Swift is extremely well packaged. It has a very useable (268 litre) boot and there is plenty of space inside – and even those in the back get to stretch their legs, though it was mission for those with longer legs and a bit of fat.

The GLX adds standard features such as automatic climate control and Suzuki’s 17.8cm touchscreen infotainment system, which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity as well as a reverse camera, aircon, power windows, etc.

Its light, impact-absorbing TECT body has evolved with the use of a new platform and computerised structural analysis. The new body efficiently absorbs and disperses energy in the event of a collision.

‘The Floating Roof design’, solid shoulder lines, and rich side body sculpting unite to give you a driving experience that thrills.

While it can certainly handle corners at decent speeds, the standard tyre rubber was disappointing as it does not feel well planted enough on tar, especially on speed though we only clogged 80km/p or lesser in most cases.

Despite minor scratches at the back, as a result of ‘blind-spot reverse’ the Swift GLX 1.2 is fully deserving thanks to its combination of affordability, practicality, performance, frugality and style.

Its December and festive season is only weeks away- so get hold of ‘Swift for a swift journey and forget about high petrol cost, its convenient after-all….

But as one asked, is it discerning though, and the answer is undoubtedly a big YES!

Has been voted AutoTrader South African Car of the Year, Urban Compact Winner 2019 and Consumer Awards Budget Car of the Year 2019.

All Swift 1.2-litre derivatives comes with a five-year/200 000km warranty, as well as a two-year/30 000km service plan.

The five-speed manual model retails for R164 900


Performance 1-10 (5)

Petrol 1-10 (6)

Image (Moving swiftly along- is the Swift GLX 1.2).

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