Take a sho't left to Reunion Island!

 According to latest stats, international tourists digits have tripled thanks to great marketing campaigns by both the government and agencies.

To take advantage of that, the Reunion Island hosted two launches in SA recently to conscientious avid travelers what they have to offer.

As part of the launch, South African’s no longer need a VISA to be in the Island for a period of 90-days, situated in the outskirts of France.

With food and music events becoming synonymous in the country, French Jean Claude Cleret, world-renowned chef, prepared canapés and soothing drinks for the guests.

“The purpose of these launches is to educate our fellow South African’s on what the Reunion Island has to offer and what is it all about.

It’s no wonder some people we spoke to have no clue about the Island,” says the spokesperson for Reunion Island.

The gorgeous Jo-Ann Strauss, former Miss SA and globetrotter is the face of Reunion Island in the country.

With the festive beckoning, why not take a sho’t left to the Island cos after-all its only four to six hours flight?


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