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The all new AMG-GT a (beautiful headache) not only for Porsche Panamera but for Benz as well…

IS IT or not Coupe, these are some of the questions Mercedes-AMG team will have to explain to the world, as ‘this thing’ as some motoring reporters have coined it, prepares to showcase at the world’s Geneva motor show on March 6 2018.

The all new AMG-GT a (beautiful headache) not only for Porsche Panamera but for Benz as well…

The sleek, robust AMG-GT is coming near you, though in SA it has been unconfirmed for its launch.

“Shortly before the world premiere, numerous trial vehicles of the new, four-door Mercedes-AMG sports car are undergoing testing all over the world. With the new model, the sports car and performance brand in Affalterbach is adding a four-door coupé to the AMG GT family,” read a mini statement from Nicolette Fortuin- Public Relations & Media Specialist: Mercedes-Benz Cars Brand Communications.

The four-door Mercedes AMG’s ‘spy photos’ from Affalterbach have hit the market and solicited various responses from motoring or AMG GT concept enthusiasts.

Although it looks strikingly good, we shall see what color is hiding under the dazzle camo in images provided by the company after production trials.

Note the quad tailpipes. While the concept was a hybrid, it looks like the production version will, at least initially, get the ubiquitous AMG 4.0-liter turbo V8.

Reinforced by features such as the toothy “Panamericana” grille up front, we shall await the naming of ‘this thing’ that will definitely give Porsche Panamera a headache.

What’s in a name? ‘This thing’ will probably get a name after the launch in Geneva, Switzerland on March 6 2018

In South Africa, the MBSA head office will have a filled day answering queries amongst others…just saying or kanjani?

Meanwhile, Nissan SA will be unveiling their latest brand at the large media contingent launch on Wednesday morning.

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