The all new Chevy Spark has more spark than the previous one!

The 2014 Chevrolet Spark was designed and built overseas and exported around the world as a Chevy product, selling over 600,000 units in two years before it was finally made available.

That was a great gamble, if I may…

It has been upgraded with bigger 15-inch wheels, anti-lock brakes, more interior amenities, extra airbags and better insulation for a quieter ride.

However, the Spark is only slightly less expensive than the larger and better-equipped Sonic; the 5-speed manual transmission could use another gear; feels underpowered when accelerating uphill and on dirt roads it felt powerless.

But that alone did not deter it to make its presence felt on the road.

Small as it is, the Spark is big on safety features and boasts 60 percent high-tensile steel, which aids crash safety and torsional rigidity.

It packs 10 airbags into its compact body, and other standard safety items include ABS, traction and stability control, a tire pressure monitoring system and panic brake assist.

How’s that for a small car, if I may?

‘Chevy’ as it is known locally, is a 5-seater with stylish fog lamp (including Harness).

R108, 700 is the retailing price with 5 year’s warranty!


1-10 Performance: 5

1-10 Fuel Petrol: 8 (Considering the unstable fuel increases)



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