The all new Red Heart has gone rigorous makeover!


Distinctive and masculine. That’s the new Red Heart Rum.

Staying true to Red Heart Rum’s were the key components that came to play when the creative brains at Red Heart Rum first decided on this new pack idea.

It is available in two variants: Red Heart Spiced with its bold blend of Caribbean rum and premium spirit, infused with spices and Red Heart Rum Original.

Says Sarah Mansfield- Brand Manager of Red Heart Rum: “Although some of the more traditional elements can still be spotted in the new design, the new look certainly has a more bold and “manly” edge to it.”

And what is a bottle of Red Heart Rum without its iconic blood red heart and look?

The broad shoulders of the bottle give a progressive chest out feel and echo the heart as if one were beating in the very “chest” of the bottle.

As a market leader, Rum has for years been associated with uncompromising uniqueness, and one of our senior lensman can attest to that. He enjoys his Rum with Coke. Period.

Rum has, and still, continues to be enjoyed by its loyalists more than 150 years ago and still counting. Amen!

Yes “Live with Heart” as the slogans goes…

It’s now available in the market.

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