The Chev Trailblazer knocks the ground hard!

Elevated. The new Chev Trailblazer knocks the ground hard as we experienced.

But be warned as the elevated Chevrolet Trailblazer will not take this lying back.

Ford Everest that will only produce 1000 units does not help the cause either. So, the battle between Trailblazer and Fortuner shall continue. Rev the engines –finish & klaar!

As a result, we put the 2.8 LTZ auto (diesel) to an arduous test by taking it off-road in the muddy and often than not, spoiled roads. Well, NW Province is synonymous with such bloody potholes. Can’t stomach it no longer…

The 4×4 is a lot bigger, balder and rugged.

True, the 2.8-litre diesel may be an old engine, but its capable of 144kW/500Nm. That’s more power than the Fortuner and Everest (132kW/420Nm and 147kW/470Nm, respectively).

It comes with short front- and rear overhangs, approaching and departing steep inclines/declines are relatively easy. With a ground clearance of 218mm it handles dips and ripples without stress.  Interestingly, the 2.8 LTZ two-wheel drive has a ground clearance of 253mm…

“Capable and practically” in the motoring world is steadily overlooked in favour of ‘need to haves’, with no fancy gadgetry or tricks, the Trailblazer is out in the cold. It’s a shame really, because the Trailblazer serves as reminder that simplicity can be incredible effective. Need a capable, rugged, practical SUV? The Trailblazer makes for a great choice.

Featuring leather interior designs, all-new dashboard look and MyLink infotainment system that supports new Apple CarPlay. There are more splashes of chrome and the instrument cluster has received a makeover.

Evolution. The leather interior of the Chev Trailblazer has more appeal.

The 7-seat if, needed, offer high levels of feel-good equipment. Consider seven airbags, automatic locking, one-touch operation for every window, cruise control, ISOFix anchors, child-proof locks, sophisticated suspension at both ends, disc brakes front and rear with ABS, BA, EBD, VSC, hill hold, traction control, trailer anti-sway and even downhill crawl for getting down and dirty.

Bonus safety kit comprises panic braking assistance, hydraulic brake fade assist, lane keeping aid, forward collision- and blind spot alerts, rear cross traffic warning and tyre pressure monitoring,  electronic power steering with Active Pull (making it easier to stay on course) and Smooth Road Shake Compensation that alleviates vibration caused by out-of-balance wheels; built-in satnav; reversing camera and front parking assistance.

The only snag: was told this monster of a 4X4 was experiencing slight glitches as a result of mud and terrain after our test. Really, was my reaction?

Retails for R471, 000

Five year warranty at 120 000km


Performance 1-10 (7)

Fuel 1-10 (8)

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