The gloves are off in the battle for the control of labour federation Cosatu!

The nine unions want Numsa back in the Cosatu fold as they believe it had been treated unfairly by Cosatu leadership and they had been denied the most basic rules of fairness and justice.


Numsa, with 350 000 members, was expelled from Cosatu in November last year.


Gauteng SA State and Allied Workers Union chairperson Peter Voss led the call for Numsa to be reinstated at a media briefing in Johannesburg.

“Cosatu, once a militant and profoundly democratic trade union federation has been reduced to a factional shell of its former self and glory,” said Voss.


“The expulsion of Numsa was an attack on the organised working class as a whole.”

He said the manner in which Numsa was kicked out was a clear victimisation because other unions have taken similar positions and nothing has happened to them.


“Now it is time to take off the gloves and fight for the federation and save it from those who are willing fully plunging it into this unprecedented crisis,” said Voss.

“We will be supporting Numsa and strongly campaigning for a reversal of their unconstitutional expulsion in all structures.”


The nine Cosatu Gauteng affiliates are due to march to Cosatu House on Friday to hand over a memorandum to the national office bearers.


The unions demand the removal of Cosatu deputy president Zingiswa Losi, among other things.

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