The grotesque OPC has boys and girls asking for more!

Adorned in sparkling ‘yellow-bone’ as we call our better halves -it lived to its standard of being a head-turner. Oh, boy it.

Today’s Opel Astra looks like a normally proportioned compact hatchback, it’s actually a hefty lump of car.

It never used to take this long to walk from one end of an Astra to the other. No wonder there’s so little space on modern roads.

The only snag is the space but, hey I’m not complaining since this is a va-va-voom!

With most Gauteng roads going major constructions-as if tender tap is up for grabs- OPC reveled on. And off the road it was superb. Buy it first, and test it…

However, be warned cos it’s a 7-inch and bumps could affect your pleasure!

Astra seems almost rudely supersized. However, this hottest, raciest version has a supersized engine output which, at 206kW, is higher than that of any other FWD sporting hatchback for sale right now. Torque is rated at 400Nm and the 2-litre, turbocharged engine can fling it to 100km/h in 5.9 seconds.  

That’s how fast this monster could go.

Fitted with black interior and adjustable leather seats, usual features, OPC has definitely outdone itself obviously to impress the young at hearts, as boys whistled and girls offered their digits without asking. Ahem.

It is 1,998cc, four cylinders, 16 valves, turbo, 206kW engine and a transmission of six-speed manual gearbox, front-wheel drive. Typical sport.  

When coming to this department going at 250km/h, 0-100km/h in in 5.9sec, 8.1 l/100km, CO2 189g/km performance, you could imagine what were the designers thinking of?

Yes, I’m anxiously awaiting those speed tickets fines and GMSA, will take another half responsibility.

One of my (almost jealous) colleague declared that in the evening the lights become “psychedelic” thus prompting neighbours to ask, if the car is experiencing any technical glitches?    

And yes, since the brakes were still brand new from the garage, I did not over-emphasize my foot, Oom Carel.

Currently available at selected garages, it retails from R443 700,00 in various colours.


Petrol 1-10: 5

Performance 1-10: 8


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