The hopeless can cook as well, thanks to Jenny and Reza!

From the cooking basics, to the intricacies of Mediterranean and Asian recipes.

J and R
“The Spice Prince” Reza (right) and “Giggling Gourmet” Jenny. Their new programme Fabulous Food Academy hit the screens on Dstv from November 16.

Yes, we’re talking Jenny and Reza’s Fabulous Food Academy, that has been confirmed to air on November 16 at 5pm on Food Network, DStv channel 175.

Talking of ‘hopeless’ off we went to the media launch next to Honeydew, where aprons, stoves and a la carte awaited us.

Now imagine this, as we entered a chill glass of wine awaited to whet our appetites before we could begin with the cooking session.

After a long introduction on the programme, we were told to take off -unceremoniously- our expensive watches and rings as the kitchen was going down. Hahaha.

Yes, we managed gleefully and no hopeless soul was injured or pierced as a result of sharp knives both Reza and charming Durban born Jenny had prepared.

“No, this time you are making your own very meal,” they both agreed in unison, as fire came off the pans.

In a nutshell, the programme teaches you how to prepare your own meal or food cuisine, and yours truly came out tops albeit, some will (dis)agree for reasons best known to them, cos they were HOPELESS. Ahem…

“If you can read its’ easy to cook,” says the “Spice Prince” as Reza is known within the food sector.

The specialist chefs take their new pupils on a culinary journey through a range of different cuisines, looking to spark the enthusiasm in the kitchen.

So, If you wanna impress see the programme and possibly challenge or better still outsmart the “giggling gourmet” as Jenny is celebrated for.

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