"The play taught us not to eat junk food"

“The play taught us not to eat junk food, not to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. We also learnt that we should use sunscreen to protect our skin,” she quipped excitedly.

One hundred and fifteen Grade 3 fellow learners were invited to watch an informative and interactive play which consists of four characters, ‘Bad Habit Ben’, ‘Sally Sweetheart’, ‘Healthy Hanna’ and ‘Dr Bestie’.

This initiative is developed for previously disadvantaged and established schools by Bestmed in partnership with Incolabs.

CANSA has been endorsing this initiative since its launch in 2013.

For Aobakoe and her school mates, this was not only their first time watching a play but also their first trip to a theatre. “I enjoyed the play a lot and my favourite character was Sally Sweetheart.  When I get home, I will tell my parents and friends all about it,” said Aobakwe.

Wicus Kotze, Bestmed’s Chief Financial Officer, mentioned the play was well presented.

Learners were given refreshments after the show!

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