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The Revenant probes the character in DiCaprio!

If the heartthrob and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio is your cup of coffee, then you must dash off to your nearest Ster Kinekor or Cinema Nouveau to see the 2016 Grammy nominee The Revenant.

The Revenant probes the character in DiCaprio!
the revenant

Immersive. Leonardo DiCaprio stars in The Revenant. The movie has hit the screens with interest.

The movie is an immersive and visceral cinematic experience.

Having gone public week after the official screening to select guests last Friday, The Revenant investigates the real character of Hugh Glass as DiCaprio appears in the movie.

It is complex and boils your blood to the last degree!

Talk of blood there’s a spot of blood that appears in the camera. Look harder, to see what I’m referring to.

With the 88th Grammy’s around the corner, leading the pack with twelve nominations is The Revenant, followed by Mad Max: Fury Road with ten, The Martian received seven nominations, with both Bridge of Spies and Spotlight on six Oscar nominations.

The Big Short has five nominations, with Room on four, and Brooklyn with three.

As part of the #OscarBuzz, Ster Kinekor and Cinema Nouveau are giving away tickets for a year to the lucky person.

Pick your favourite winner in any category, and deliver your take on their acceptance speech come Oscar night. It can be serious, quirky or downright comical…and, if yours is selected as the winning speech, you could find yourself the lucky winner of movie tickets for a year.

“Participants can select any category for their acceptance speech from Best Actor, Best Director and Best Song to Best Special Effects or Costumers. All we ask is that you let your creativity flow as you thank your family, loved ones, fans, the Academy, or the cast for honouring you with an Oscar!”says Lola Gallant, Brand Manager of Cinema Nouveau.

Once you have watched the movie at Ster-Kinekor or Cinema Nouveau theatres, and your acceptance speech has been written or recorded, it should be shared on Ster-Kinekor Theatres or Cinema Nouveau’s Facebook or Twitter platforms, using the hashtag #OscarBuzz.

The competition winner will be announced in March 28.

The awards are scheduled for February 28, and singer Chris Hart will be the host.

For more information about #OscarBuzz and to book for your Oscar-nominated film, download the Ster-Kinekor App on your smart phone.

Visit www.cinemanouveau.co.za<http://www.cinemanouveau.co.za> or
www.sterkinekor.com<http://www.sterkinekor.com>. Follow us on Twitter @nouveaubuzz with #OscarBuzz and on Facebook at Cinema Nouveau.

The screening of ‘The Revenant‘ at Ster Kinekor head office saw the likes of DJ Fresh and wife, comedian Goliath, Tumi Morake’s husband and mother, Proverb, Jeremy Mansfield and other celebs.

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