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The Sun never sets at Royal Marang Hotel!

Yes, he was referring to the 5 star-graded international establishment, situated in the heart of the Royal Bafokeng Nation- in Rustenburg.

 With construction trucks revving unapologitically, extension of road works and mines in abundance- this is a sign of community hard at work. 

 We had a Q&A with Director of Operations at Royal Marang Hotel Kevin Le Roux, on what makes this majestic establishment tick.

 Sydney Morweng: How would you sell the hotel to potential clients?

 Kevin Le Roux: We strive to give you all the best service possible in a relaxing environment with personal touches.

 SM: Who would you say is your target market?

 KLR:  Our biggest target market is corporate and Sport Teams.

 SM: The hotel is recognized for having hosted the WC team England in 2010 on our shores for the very first time. What kind of relations do you have with the English/ UK?

 KLR: We have a great relationship with the English/U.K still. We hosted Bristol City F.C a few months ago and it was a great success.

 SM: How many awards does the hotel pride itself with?

 KLR: We have won the Bloomberg Best New Hotel Construction & Design in Africa Award in 2011 and the Lillizella Award for the Best Five Star Hotel in the North West Province in 2013.

SM: What role does the hotel play in the emancipation of Bafokeng Community and of course, the football team Platinum Stars?

KLR: Our employ constitutes staff from the local communities, which is our priority. (They play a huge role in the development of the hotel and were they stay, as a result of employment).

On the football front, we host Platinum Stars (Premier League side) on the Campus and Hotel at discounted rates and they make use of our High Performance Centre and fields on a regular basis.

SM: What is the capacity of your staff?

KLR: We currently have 80 permanent staff but also have sub-contracted companies from local communities.

SM: Has the hotel reached its break- even since its establishment?

KLR: Yes, we have and we’ve also made profits.

SM: What are future plans?

KLR: Expanding into new markets of tourism, hence we are focussing now on being a Health & Wellness destination.

SM: How many rooms does the hotel comprise, including suites?

KLR: We have 64 Deluxe rooms and 4 Presidential Suites.

SM: What distinguishes the hotel from its rivals?

KLR: (Boastingly) Royal Marang Hotel is the only 5 Star hotel located on a high altitude Sports Campus and dedicated to Health and Wellness.

According to Le Roux, the hotel is no longer part of Cradle Hotels and Resort. They parted ways in 2012 and is now managed by the Bafokeng Nation themselves.

**Marang is a Setswana idiom meaning ‘rays of the sun’.

The sun symbolizes the promise of renewable energy, central to the Bafokeng vision of a sustainable future where people, land, and enterprise co-exist without depleting the earth’s resources.


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