The word is out: declare State of Emergency- says Dbn Chamber of Commerce

The on-going sporadic looting, anarchy and violence in the KZN province has cost millions thus far, and it seems it will not end anytime soon, as shops, malls and industries continue to burn unabated.

“As organised businesses we urgently call upon President Cyril Ramaphosa to declare a State of Emergency, as this disorderly behaviour continues to spiral out of control,” says Nigel Ward- President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry NPC.

He continued:” With the COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging the nation and numbers of infections on the rise this unprecedented conduct puts further strain to businesses already suffering consequences of the virus and will further delay the recovery process.”

The looting has affected both KZN and Gauteng that has seen army patrolling the likes of Alexandra, a stone throw away from the bustling Sandton.

But the very worried Ward says, however, at present the police are not visible, businesses are still being looted as we speak, the SANDF that was deployed has not been seen in our communities.  

“Businesses are still being looted and set alight the situation is now completely out of control. We cannot waste any more time as law enforcement is not coping with the current situation. As organised business we have been calling for the President to act and deploy more SANDF to assist our law enforcement agencies in a situation that is beyond their means.

He said:” The only solution to arrest the problem at hand is for the President to declare a State of emergency and have heavy presence of all security and law enforcement agencies visible.

The City, the Province, the country cannot afford another 24hrs of looting, property being destroyed, food being stolen, business owners and employees losing another day of work. We will be headed towards a catastrophic state as a country.

Now more than ever the private and public sector need to work together to achieve stability at all costs.”

Meanwhile, N3 has been closed between Cedara and Harrismith that has affected delivery by trucks, following 30 of the trucks being torched. As a result an Engen refinery plant in Durban has been shut.

If this looting persists goods, services and fuel will no longer be available. And yes, we do need the State of Emergency at the rate things are unravelling.

Image (Hey kom hier so. A police officer arresting a would-be looter in Durban).

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