THEIR job is simply to mingle and make sure guests are "fine".

But Khomo does not want the man in her life to see the kind of job she does – so she keeps him away from it.

“We have been together for months now and I don’t want him to be present when I work,” she says.

“There are times when men find it difficult to draw the line and that is not ‘cool’ for the man in your life to see,” she explains.

“My job is to make sure they are having the ‘best time’ during their socialising, but some tend to push the boundaries. That’s why we have bodyguards to protect us.”

About her man she says proudly: “We have been together for months now and he knows the ins and outs of my job and its perk s, so there is no confusion between my job and my love life.”

The odd hours are another problem for hostesses. They are sometimes required to work until the wee hours of the morning.

“Sometimes you get shifts lasting the whole weekend, and that means working three nights in a row,” she says. “It’s a random job that is fun one moment and tiring the next.

“But if you keep healthy you can survive the odd hours. When I work for three days over a weekend I have no life that particular weekend. I sleep during the day and work at night.”

Khomo has been doing this job for the past two years and has learnt the pros and cons of it.

“The money is good, especially if I work three days over weekends. I can pay the bills and get to do some shopping,” she says.

Khomo is 22 years old and was born in Durban.

She says she came to Johannesburg when she realised Durban did not offer a young girl the fulfilment of dreams she aspires to.


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